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Uncommon Ways to Use Christmas Wreaths in Holiday Decor

Christmas traditions often become set in stone and, over time, many people stop looking for new ways to decorate for this major holiday. This year, change things up a bit by purchasing multiple wreaths and using them throughout the home. Don't simply hang one on the door and assume the work is done. This decorative item can be used in a variety of locations and unique ways with great results.

Do you have plants in the home? The saucers for these plants may not add to the overall appeal of the space, and a wreath is a great way to hide the saucer during the holidays.

Take a wreath, turn it sideways and attach rope in three or four locations evenly spaced around the edges. The rope may then be attached to an outside beam or ceiling to use the wreath as a decoration. Some opt to hang ribbons from the wreath and turn it into a seasonal mobile, while others prefer to add various decorations around and on top of the wreath. It's all a matter of personal preference, as the ideas are endless when this common item is employed in this unusual manner.

Take three wreaths of varying sizes and turn them into a snowman. Add embellishments for the accessories and have a one-of-a-kind decoration that others are certain to love.

Take an ordinary, round clock and turn it into seasonal decor with the help of a wreath. Simply place the wreath on the outside of the clock and the work is done. If there are no clocks in the home suitable for this purpose, inexpensive ones can be picked up at a discount store and used year after year easily. Simply store them with the holiday decorations for yearly use.

Hosting a holiday party this year? Place wreaths around bowls of food for a festive touch. Make certain the wreaths do not come into contact with the food, and choose bowls according to the wreath size. Add some plastic cranberries to the wreath or other removable decorations, if desired, as this allows the wreath to be changed yearly, depending on the theme of the party.

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